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Elfogadod a sütik analízis és személyes tartalom érdekében való használatát
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You can also ask for delivery everyday between 10AM - 9PM.
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On that site you computer for download individual pages or other documents authorized for personal, internal, non-commercial use, provided you download the materials does not change in any way, not pasted into another document, and does not alter or delete the copyright link . Regard to provision of these terms and conditions of use set out right, so do not involve subrogation. These use rights can not be transferred, and the Legelő Kft.'s Sole discretion at any time withdraw.

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The editor (s) are not liable for any damage arising from the website use no circumstances, including, without limitation, direct or indirect, special, or for any consequences, losses, the costs liability that are associated with, or use of, or the website for use in web, website unavailability of, or improper operations, error, defect, malfunctions, meghibásodásból information delay in transmission, computer virus or line or system failure occur, even in cases where the Legelő Kft.  or its representative such potential damage, losses or costs have been informed. Inclusion of other Internet resources contact your own risk, content, relevance, express opinions, and other related elements contained in these sources have not been by the Legelő Kft.  Audit, examine or approval. The Legelő Kft.  Specifically excludes any either express or indirect liability in connection with this web site, in particular indirect responsibility for the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, compliance. It is possible that the law governing the exclusion of liability described above do not allow its entirety, so you can make the self-part of this paragraph shall not apply.


The guestbook, forums, message boards, hozzászólásmezőkbe (hereinafter referred to as the guest book) can register for a user who is (possibly arbitrary) name and message to the email address entered. The guest book in the Legelő Kft.  Moderated by staff at their discretion, but in particular the offensive, insulting or sarcastic comments, the website and products advertised on the website, ellenreklámra against campaign against maturity for services. The guestbook box open, anyone can record their comments, if the trend is not a political, ethnic or minority rights are not violated, is not a violation of human rights, is not contrary to the constitution of Hungary or existing laws, not violate other people religion religious self-esteem. Prohibited the guestbook offense, riot, requirement, or to participate in those strongly encouraged. It is also forbidden to disclose any information that may violate individual rights (seven), other persons, firms include non-public information, or to access (may). When using the guest book everyone must choose a unique identifier, and use it. It shall be prohibited to abuse other users nick-name or e-mail address. After the announcement made manifest abuses or person in the nick-name of the offending post to moderator can delete without prior or subsequent notice. Contrary to the above entries the person charged with moderating its sole discretion, immediately delete without prior or subsequent notice. The guest book everyone can use at your own risk, but please do not enter any data by which others are abused, and in particular the personal data (number of personally identifiable cards, their data, etc..), E-mail address, home address. Never give out your bank account number to anyone! Possible misuse of your own volition given the data editor does not assume any responsibility!


The Legelő Kft.  has no control referred to in this website or the information, pages, other documents, computer programs and content websites containing references to this website. This web site, or referring to this website link does not mean that that site with the approval of Legelő Kft.  Entitled, form part of this website or the information, pages, other documents, and computer programs for the accuracy, quality, the safety of those found or suitability of taking some responsibility. Any other website referred to in this website for the use of the Legelő Kft.  Assumes no responsibility. In this site you can find or download that information, pages or other documents in connection with the Legelő Kft.  Makes no representations. The Legelő Kft.  Did not warrant the accuracy of this information, completeness or suitability of, and specifically excludes the possible errors or omissions contained therein responsibility. You may only use this site at your own risk and it is your responsibility to take the necessary precautions to computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, time bombs or other harmful elements against. It is possible that the site is not compatible with your browser or other software you use. The site is continuous and durable operation is not guaranteed and may be some interruptions in, or a reduction in quality, and the operation can be terminated at any time. It is possible that the site contains inaccurate or outdated information, and the information is located in the changed or updated without notice to Users. The Legelő Kft.  Specifically excludes an obligation to update or correct this information. The Pasture Inc. Shall not be liable for any damage or loss arising from the website may find errors or deficiencies, and use of the information on the website is only done at your own risk. In this site you will find references to other websites (links). Please note that the Legelő Kft.  Assumes no responsibility for other websites to legal and / or privacy notice for the contents therein. The present legal and privacy policy (Privacy Policy) applies only to this website.

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