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Telefon: +36 70 949 9997
We are open from Monday to Sunday between 10AM - 9PM.
You can also ask for delivery everyday between 10AM - 9PM.
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Legelő.net - online salátabár. Természetesen Neked. Minden ami saláta.

General Information

Base materials - We offer alwasy fresh and only high quality raw ingredients, which are obtained from the major markets.

Allergens - We try to handle all ingredients separated in order to avoid any contact with allergens, but this possibility may not be completely ruled out. Please note that our kitchen use also celery, eggs, milk and milk products, nuts and other oily seeds and fish. Please note that all the allergens are marked on our menu.

Prices - Our prices are in HUF and include VAT + packing.

Credit card - Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards can be accepted, either for local consumption or home delivery. If you prefer to pay by credit card at home delivery, please select it at your order process and will send you a POS terminal or you can pay in advance through internet bank payment system.

Packing materials - We use environmentally friendly packaging materials for our salads.

Separate food preparation - we pay attention to prepare meat separate from other raw ingredients, especially when we prepare food for vegans or people with food allergies.

Meal tickets - Erzsébet meal vouchers, Sodexo and Ticket Restaurant warm meal vouchers are accepted.

Freshly squeezed - fresh, tasty, high vitamin, natural vegetable and fruit juices, which you can mix according to mood and imagination.

Home delivery- for further information about this service,please check the Delivery menu.

Eating at Legelő - We hope to have the opportunity of welcoming you personally at Legelő (Graze Salad Bar) where the special salads are made.

Seasonal salads - these special salads are always prepared from the proper ingredients of the current season.

Icons - these small pictures show you what is the most specific of the choosen salad (vegetarian, vegan, meat, fish).

Basket - you can place here the selected items and proceed the payment too.

Dog-friendly restaurant - Legelő is proudly claims to be a real dog -friendly place.

Soups - We offer two types of soup each week.

Note - you can enter here all the relevant information during the online order.

My Legelő - You can create your own personalised profile, where you can see previous statutes, orders and other set preferences.

Order - you can ask for home delivery service. If you prefer you come in our place and take away the salad or you can call us and pick up your fresh salad prepared for a specific time. However we belive that the easiest way is if you just pop in to our store for a good salad.

Salad mixes - in this menu you can choose from several fresh ingredients. The amount of the chosen material can change the up and down arrows. Between the main groups of substances arrow at the bottom of the page allow you to move. When you finish do not forget to place the assorted items into your basket! Finally, click on the shopping cart icon in order to do the payment.

Menu - this is the virtual version of our menu - we offer most of our salads without meat, but certainly all salads are available with different meat too. In addition, we recommend you to add toppings and dressings as well.

SZEP Card - we accept OTP, MKB and K&H SZÉP Cards.

Online payment - you can settle the payment through our internet bank surface

Help - in case of questions or further assistance, please contact us by e- mail or phone. For more information, please check the Contact menu.

Special diets - after the registration in this menu allows you to set the criteria that are important for you and choose those what you prefer to exclude from your food.
The system will then throw you the salad that meet the selected preferences.

Delivery Address - You can register several delivery addresses, and modify them constantly.

Billing address - Once you can add only one billing address.

Nutritions table - shows the selected raw materials and food vitamin and nutrient composition, which allows you to put together a dietitian. The nutrition information is written to be affected by the seasonal nature of the individual components, the precise amount of nutrients according to the general.

Choice of toppings - in the Saladmix menu you can find a list on the right side of the screen about those ingredients you choosed for the salad.

Webshop information:
Operator: Legelő Kft.
Headquarters: 1072 Budapest, Dob utca 46/a
Tax number: 24272065-2-42
Authority: Fővárosi Cégbíróság
Order/Assistance: +36 70 949 9997

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